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Trinet Web has undergone a UI Refresh to be more inline with our parent site www.TricanWellService.ca.
There has been a change to Customer logins. Customers must enter corporate email address and reset their passwords.

To register for a trinet account please contact:
Phone: 1(877)473-2008
E-mail: itsupport@trican.ca


Remember Me feature
Remember Me is a feature that stores your login information wherever user log in is required on the www.TricanWellService.ca site. This is for your convenience and is something you can turn on or off.
If you share a home computer with other family members, it's best not use the Remember Me feature unless each family member has a separate login profile for the home computer. Households who share one computer can either create separate profiles or simply log in/off at beginning/end of each session.

To turn it ON, click on the Remember Me checkbox in the login window. To turn it OFF, click on the LOGOUT link that appears at the top right hand side of the page. Logging off deletes the cookies which stores your login information and disables the Remember Me feature.